Improving employee engagement and self-awareness through anonymous, authentic, and timely feedback from co-workers.

Ripple™ allows individuals to quickly give and receive anonymous feedback from their colleagues. Annual reviews are replaced or supplemented with timely, genuine data confirming employee interaction and performance.

Ripple creates short, monthly, anonymous feedback surveys to measure the psychological health of the modern workplace (home, office or hybrid). By collecting feedback along the Big 5 personality traits (curiosity, conscientiousness, commitment, cooperation and consistency), Ripple promotes engagement, drives self-awareness and empowers managers and executives to strengthen organizational culture.  How?  See How Ripple Works.

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Easy to Use

Reflection Surveys™ consist of 5 short questions! These surveys pull feedback from your co-workers and calculate individual feedback scores found on your dashboard.

Easy to Understand

Not only can you access the platform on any web-enabled device, you’re also equipped with a dashboard outlining personal professional development with a comprehensive scoring system.

Easy to Make Change

Ripple gives individuals the ability to quickly give and receive feedback. Artificial review cycles are replaced with timely analysis that better illustrates worker performance and engagement.