Enabling Objective Feedback and Actionable Advice


All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.

—Tom Northup





Your manager sets up an account for your team (or Ripple Crew™).


You and your co-workers then give and receive honest, open, timely, and completely anonymous feedback.


Each respondent completes 20 second Reflection Surveys consisting of 5 short questions from any device.


Everyone in your Ripple Crew is then able to see feedback through their dashboards.


Managers and owners can then use the feedback to make better, objective decisions in the workplace.


How it Works

Ripple™ was made to be easy, accessible, and not waste company time. Not only does it only take 20 seconds to answer the 5 question employee surveys presented to each participant, the recipient can view the anonymous and objective feedback from anywhere on their Ripple dashboard.

Ripple’s Reflection Surveys™ allow for timely opportunities to give and receive feedback from your colleagues.  Ripple replaces artificial review cycles used by many organizations with a platform that stresses engagement and helps enhance employee self-awareness. Why? Engagement and self-awareness are key promoters of productivity, efficiency and culture.



Objective Feedback | Actionable Information

There are two main ways you’ll interact with the Ripple platform. Reflection Surveys and your Ripple Effect Score on the dashboard.

Reflection Survey

Reflection Surveys are completed by you and your colleagues on a monthly frequency – providing timely opportunities to provide feedback to the people you work with.  These short, anonymous, 5 question employee surveys take approximately 20 seconds to complete allowing for the constant collection of data in each of the Big 5 core personality traits.

Ripple Effect Score

A Ripple user’s dashboard is where the data is crunched into actionable information.  You (and your manager) can confirm levels of self-awareness in the Big 5 personality traits.  The dashboard also reflects data trends over time and allows you to view individual comments from your colleagues.  The dashboard empowers managers to celebrate success and identify (and address) blindspots.

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